Windows, Skylights and Doors Repair & Replacement

Windows & Doors

One of the best ways to increase the value and appearance of your home, and to increase the energy-efficiency of your home thereby reducing the heating and cooling costs, is to upgrade and improve the quality of your windows and doors

There are natural wood, aluminum clad wood and all-vinyl windows. There are steel, fiberglass, all-vinyl and natural wood doors. And there are many styles and applications of each of these

Our company experts have had years of experience in upgrades, modifications and replacements of doors and windows. Our licensed tradesmen are available to provide free inspections, review the cost estimates and present you with the options that will best suit your needs


A properly chosen skylight can completely change the feeling of a living space. They can give the impression of more space without remodeling, create a comfort zone from an ignored area, and turn your home into a brighter, more enjoyable space. If you are looking to increase the natural lighting and elevate the mood of an insufficiently lit room, then one of the many types and styles of skylights could be an option for your home

At Heritage, we have extensive experience with renovations and upgrades and find that the addition of skylights can completely transform a room

We deal only with reputable manufacturers and stand behind our workmanship so if you are considering the addition of a skylight, we are the best choice for you! Contact Us now to discuss the best options for your natural lighting needs.